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Basic Bed bug control set


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Basic kit for household pest control, particularly recommended for eradicating infestations of the common bed bug (Cimex lectularius).

This kit is designed for spaces up to 25m2, and with this surface area, bed bug eradication occurs within 1-2 months and does not recur. When used correctly, ants will also begin to infiltrate adjacent premises, eliminating bed bug infestations there as well.

The kit includes:

  •  Cardboard box containing nests that ants are accustomed to in cultivation.
  • Heating mat with a power of 8 or 4W attached to the top surface of the breeding box.
  • Thermostat set at a temperature of 27°C.
  • Set of 10 transport syringes with 10 colonies of Monomorium pharaonis ants (to be released near the box).
  •  Drinking trough with anti-drowning protection.
  • User manual.
  • Microbiological control certificate.

The kit has been designed to minimize costs. The price includes the cost of 10 ant colonies and breeding set. A breakdown of costs will be provided on the issued invoice, specifying the costs of individual elements and shipping.

This kit is essential for ants to function properly after introduction into a new location, especially if temperatures in that location drop below 25°C.

In many cases, ants will establish a stable population even without the breeding kit, but there is a higher likelihood that they will move to a more favorable location, not necessarily the one we are most concerned about.