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Dear reader

I offer you mature colonies of Monomorium pharaonis used as an effective biological agent against domestic pests (the most recommended for fighting bedbugs) or as a laboratory or house ant to research. Ants have a colony composition appropriate for the species, i.e. an appropriate caste and numerical composition. Nests are freshly settled by budding colonies, in this way their young queens can lay eggs for a long period of time.

Our ants are also not simple clones (as usual Paharaoh ants), but they are almost free from inbred. Thanks to this, descendents colonies are able to reproduce properly and dynamically as well as are long-lived.

We sell ants both as single colonies and in typical breeding sets of various sizes to logical control domestic pests.

To buy a colony or breeding sets, please go to the Store section.

If you want to know more about the method, why Pharaoh ants?, see the section Biological pest control, Recommendations of the method or Limitations of the method.