Pharaoh Ant as an effective Bed Bugs agent

Ecological Control of Bed Bugs

We offer you mature colonies of Pharaoh ant ( Monomorium pharaonis ) used:

  • As an effective biological agent against domestic pests. The most recommended for fighting bed bugs (which has recently developed significant insecticide resistance mechanisms, making chemical control potentially impossible in the short term)
  • As a laboratory research object
  • As a house pet-ant, hobbyist keeping

Nests are naturally populated, allowing for rapid colony development and ensuring their longevity. Colonies undergo microbiological testing twice a year to exclude the presence of harmful microorganisms. They are sold with a current certificate confirming the absence of pathogens harmful to humans. Therefore, the Pharaoh ant from our breeding does not pose an epidemiological threat.

Our ant breeding is not clonal (as is often the case with the Pharaoh Ant), meaning it is almost free from inbreeding through the acquisition of founding colonies from different locations. This fact enables proper and dynamic development of descendant colonies.

We sell ants both as single colonies and in typical breeding sets of various sizes to ecological control domestic pests.

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If you want to know more about the method or why Pharaoh ant is a suitable choice for pest control – please refer to the sections on Biological pest control, Recommendations of the method or Limitations of the method.