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Method description

Our method consists in providing a specialized wooden breeding box along with a heating system. Inside there are maintenance-free nests of Pharaoh ants, connected to the outside world. Some nests are inhabited, some are empty, and I provide a reservoir of places for later daughter colonies.

Pharaoh ant (Monomorium pharaonis) eradicate Bedbugs

After receiving the package, you need to place the breeding box in a quiet and dark place near the places of occurrence of domestic pests. For bedbugs, the best place to place a breeding box is the space under the sleeping bed.
After setting the breeding box in the optimal place, unlock the outlet holes according to the attached Instruction and connect the breeding box to a 220V electrical outlet to obtain a temperature of 27 ° C inside.
The place of placement of the breeding box should be considered very carefully, since it can not be moved later. The transfer will result in the loss of a large number of workers (they will not be able to return to the box), it can also cause the colony to escape, which will make it a bit more difficult to remove the ants after their work.

At a distance of up to 20 cm from the breeding box, place the included drinker filled with water according to the instructions. In addition, we include two types of food that are part of the whole package. Ants need both carbohydrates and protein for the development of larvae. Shortages in access to food will cause a much wider penetration of workers in remote areas, and even force entire colonies to flee in search of food sources.
A week after the introduction of ants into the room, we reduce the amount of protein food supplied, which will force the ants to hunt domestic pests, carbohydrate food should be provided all the time according to the attached instructions

After the pests have been removed by the ants, we remove the breeding box and introduce pheromone plates into the rooms where they worked, which will disrupt the development of the colony and lead to their destruction within a month.
We do not remove ants in rooms that will be exposed to re-invasion of pests. They will guard the boundaries of the room and the building. There is also a chance that they will destroy the source of continuous re-invasions. Ants usually act quite slowly, but 100% effectively (if used correctly) – they need from a month to even a year to eliminate pests, depending on the degree of invasion of the removed pest and the initial population of ants. At this time, it is necessary to take into account the presence of patrolling ants in different places in the premises and protect food from the access of ants.

The removal of ants is helped by their specific feature – the memory of the nesting site. Well, ants choose for a new nest a habitat that is identical to that found in their natal nest. Therefore, when following the instructions, the ants only inhabit the breeding box. On the other hand, inhabiting other locations in houses is much less likely, although it is not impossible. Especially if the ants in the breeding box are often disturbed.