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Biological pest control

Biological control of domestic pests with the help of a natural predator and their enemy Pharaoh Ants

Monomorium pharaonis– pharaoh ant is an effective biological means for combating domestic pests such as cockroaches and bedbugs. It is a well-known fact that where there is a pharaoh ant, there is no presence of other domestic pests. Of course, the Pharaoh ant can also be treated as a pest, but in some special cases, the best way is to replace the more dangerous pest with one that is much milder and easier to eliminate after it has done its job. For this reason, the idea of using Monomorium pharaonis, as a means to combat domestic pests, appeared. In a few words, Pharaoh ants feed on cockroaches and bedbugs, but to do this, ants need human help in the initial period of settlement. They need nesting sites and a small amount of food and water before the colonies become self-sufficient.

Buying ants from us, you get a giant colony of ants and instructions on how to start and eliminate ants after their work with all the necessary accessories.

Find out what our biological method looks like or go to the Method recomandation or Method Limitations section to see if this is the way that’s right for you.