Advantage of method

  • Fighting bed bugs with Pharaoh’s ant is almost 100% effective and long-lasting. It can fail only in the case of poor breeding conditions of ants or their poisoning. It does not require repeated treatment of bed bugs infestations. Monomorium pharaonis eliminates the development stages of bed bugs that are difficult to control in a classic way, i.e. eggs and small larvae. In addition, ants can protect an area from bed bugs for a long time by being kept for a long time as a terrain protector. They will also eradicate the bedbug infestation in the neighborhood.
  • Our colonies have the correct structure to function in the right, natural way for Monomorium pharaonis. This makes ants very active and in search of food, including other domestic pests. Very soon after entering the building, they begin their liquidation activities.
  • Numerous and mature colonies placed in breeding boxes provide good coverage of the area with collectors. About 10% of the members of the colony are scouts and gatherers. However, the search reflex is dependent on the ratio of castes of ants not leaving the nest, including the appropriate age structure of larvae and eggs. Our colonies are formed naturally, i.e. according to the biology of this species, by their budding and natural division, so that they are ready to work immediately after opening the breeding box. Most colonies, if not all commercially available, are formed by pouring workers and larvae into a box to inhabit a transport tube. This ensures the survival and good development of the colony only with the creation of very good conditions. Due to the disruption of caste relations in such colonies, their development is inhibited, or worse – the rapid extinction of workers from old age, colonies inadequately composed caste do not clean the nest, which threatens to mold breeding.
  • The low level of inbred rearing of our colonies gives benefits such as the long survival time of worker ants and increases the chance of producing more new colonies and spreading them around the mother colony.
  • Our method developed with the provision of its own place to live (in a heated breeding box and new places for settling new nests) greatly facilitates the removal of ants after the completion of their work in the future.
  • Using our method you are independent of disinfesting companies and spending money on less effective, toxic and more expensive methods.
  • Each colony and ant breeding box that we sell is accompanied by a certificate certifying the non-detection of pathogenic bacteria (the result of the culture along with an antibiogram certified by a doctor and intensive care specialist from the EU).
  • Removal of pests with the help of Pharaoh ants coincides with the principles of ecology, allows not to use heavy chemistry, which is not at all indifferent to our health.
  • If you would like to know more about our method, why Pharaoh ants?, go to the section Biological pest control, Recommendations of the method or its Limitations.